When you hire Right Brain Consultants, all of your IT needs are met, across the board. We specialize in Virtual IT services - complete technical support services, both onsite and off, designed to keep your business running seamlessly, without the high costs normally associated with IT staff. Our expert team of Apple Certified technicians can handle the following (and much more) in their sleep:

SERVERS & SERVICES Every business needs a server, and the Macintosh platform is an excellent choice for everything from simple file sharing and collaboration solutions to higher-end email, web and directory services. We maintain dozens of these every day, by the way. (And see them in our sleep, unfortunately).

WORKSTATIONS If it’s not a server, then it’s probably a workstation. We provide complete workstation-based support, including installation, configuration, standardization, upgrades, and end-user support. We specialize in workstation image creation, deployment, and large-scale rollouts, as well as specialized support for those workstations that tend to leave the office (commonly referred to as "laptops").

MIGRATION Envy your friends who’ve made the jump to the Macintosh at work? We know plenty of folks like you. And we’ve helped plenty of them make the switch from Windows servers and workstations to Macintosh-based solutions that are far easier to maintain and manage. It’s not as painful as you think...

BACKUPS AND DISASTER RECOVERY If you don’t have a backup solution, then it’s only a matter of time before your data’s gone forever. We implement bulletproof data backup plans, with an emphasis on redundant backup points and fast, efficient recovery strategies.

NETWORKING These days, the "network" is everywhere: in your office, in your home, across offices, and out there in "the cloud." Let us design, implement, and optimize every aspect of your business network, including cabling, office LAN/WAN setup, remote access and VPN, wireless access, and telephony.

SECURITY What good would that carefully designed network be without protection? We’ll lock you down properly with the right combination of firewalls, security policies, anti-virus and anti-spam technologies, encryption, server protection, and physical security.

iPHONE/SMARTPHONE INTEGRATION Everyone’s got one (or wants one): an iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm or other smartphone. And integration with office email, calendaring, and contacts is absolutely critical. We know smartphones inside-out, and whether you simply need access to your gMail account or need to provide your mobile staff with Exchange Server synchronization, we’ve got you covered.

TARGETED SOLUTIONS If you’ve got a specific need, chances are we’ve got a proven turnkey solution that we can recommend, simply because it works well for other businesses just like your own. Examples include Zimbra for email and calendaring, Daylite for shared contacts and project management, Splash RIPs for high-quality workgroup printing, Joomla for CMS, and much, much more. Don’t be afraid to ask – most likely, we’ve solved your problem before!

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"Right Brain Consultants handled the conversion of our office from PC to Macs. They did a great job and were prompt, professional and effective. I would highly recommend them."
— John Kontrabecki, TKG International